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Cornices, roman blinds, screens attachment mechanisms. Chosen according to the details of the interior, product and preferences.                     Curtains, draperies. Full-time curtains, night draperies. Materials provides a wide selection of the best room design and customer needs harmony. Sewn both classical and modern style items. Curtains are also decorated with a variety of decorations and embroidery, which further reflects the individuality of each client's products.

Roman blinds, screens. Sewn products according to customer's existing and future interior design, lighting, furniture, and other details. Products as well as to individual embroidery and decorated. The result is always excellent and reflective ideas. Bedspreads, pillows, linens, chairs, table napkins. Products adapted to the client's interior as well as curtains, roman blinds, screens, and design into the overall harmony of the premises.

All the materials are high quality, maded from Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy famous manufacturers such as Gebrüder Munzert, Gonzalez Llado, Ernst Beck, Stoeckel & Grimmler, Neutex, Yebane, Indes- Fuggerhaus, Rilox, Comersan, Athenea, Mompos, Rinnova, Pielsa, Wölfel & Co., Sati, Proca, Ridex, Dateks and others.

All products quality is carefully controlled, prepared for each work with great diligence and devotion. In different countries and cities rapidly growing number of clients, recommendations. Good and warm reviews speak for themselves, and the quality of products.

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